Knox County For Responsible Solar

We support energy security, economic development, and land rights. When solar is done right, our community wins. Learn more and let your voice be heard.

Solar energy is Ohio’s largest untapped resource. Whether located on a rooftop, installed on a former landfill, or constructed on open farm land, solar provides affordable energy to consumers and creates major economic development opportunities to surrounding communities.

Generating electricity from solar panels is a mature, safe, and proven technology. Harnessing the power of the sun keeps economic benefits local, enhances Ohio’s and America’s energy security, and affirms landowners’ fundamental property rights

Information on Solar

When researching solar or anything else, careful vetting of sources and an open mind are important. Facebook posts and obscure online news sites are no substitute for studies published by universities, public agencies, or leading research institutions. The link below will take you to a page of resources addressing common questions about solar energy.

Make Your Voice Heard

Sign the petition, join a meeting, get a yard sign, write a letter. Every bit counts toward securing our energy supply, defending property rights, and building a stronger community. Sign the petition and reach out to us to get involved!

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